09Nov 2015

glycolic acid benefits

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and is essentially a fruit acid. It is applied to the skin and can be found in concentrations that range from very low (such as 3%) up to much higher concentrations used by dermatologists for in-office treatments.

So many people discover why our customers keep coming back for more. What is our glycolic acid benefits? Followling reasons to tell you why use our high purity Glycolic Acid (Zhonglan Brand) for skincare.

glycolic acid Zhonglan

1.Anti-oxidant or endial. Glycolic acid attaches itself to free radicals in your skin rendering them harmless before they can damage healthy cells.
2.Cleans your pores (follicles) …pore scrubber,loosens the glue-like substance holding dead cells together, pore walls now fold together for a smaller, refined appearance. It’s medically impossible to reduce pore size but you can make them look smaller! Glycolic prevents dead cells from clumping, forming a plug, blackhead, or pimple … your natural oil should be able to flow freely from your pores carrying dead cells to the surface to be sloughed off.I think it is the widely usage in cosmetic.

glycolic acid benefits,
3.Glycosaminoglycans: moisture-binding ground substances are increased in the second major layer called the dermis, replacing GAGS lost with age is essential. Their water binding action expands the dermis, plumping and smoothing away wrinkles. One of these compounds is “hyaluronic acid” binding water so tightly its appearance is gel-like. Visual aid, imagine a dry sponge, add water, the sponge will grow in volume, holding water inside and plumping the sponge…just like glycosaminoglycans!

glycolic acid

4.Collagen (kol’-ah-jen) and elastin (e-las’-tin) is increased in the second major layer called the dermis. Production and repair slow around the age of 28, and areas can dip below the top of the skin from loss and thinning especially due to sun damage or facial expressions to form wrinkles. Collagen, like a “Jell-O” mattress, gives you plump, firm skin and is defect-free in our youth providing a smooth, taut surface. With age and damage the thickness decreases and flattens, now sagging occurs. Elastin allows your skin to change shape and expand…think elastic rubber band. If you pinch your skin and it stays the elastin is in very poor condition, your skin should snap back into place, gently pinch a baby’s skin then your own to see the difference.

5.Ingrown hair or pseudofolliculitis barbae  in the beard. Red bumps which often form pus from hair curling or growing back into the skin causing inflammation, infection and a foreign body reaction, common in men’s beards and women’s bikini lines. Sometimes, skin grows over the hair follicle opening forcing growing hair back into the skin before it reaches the surface. Glycolic prevents skin from growing over the follicle, allowing hair to reach the surface, and there is some information indicating help straightening hair to avoid curl-back. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. holds the patent for ingrown hair use.

glycolic acid
6.Scarring from acne or trauma is reduced by lowering the scar’s top ridge and raising the depth for a smoother appearance, gray shadowing from acne ice pick scars start to disappear, raised hypertrophic scars flatten, and lost skin tissue from pimples or cysts starts to regenerate. Improvement is six months to one year with continuing improvement although clients often see results after a month.

7. Skin texture is restored to healthy, smooth, soft and lustrous. Keeps living cells tightly packed like tiles on a roof while removing dead cell build up causing dull lifeless skin, and splinter cells with jagged edges causing a rough dry feeling and allowing precious moisture to evaporate.

glycolic acid anti-aging
8.Skin tone evens in the top layer of your skin called the epidermis by sloughing old dark brown pigment. Glycolic acid will not stop your melanocytes cells, responsible for your skin color, from making new darker pigment but will exfoliate the old dark pigment.

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