Glycolic Acid 70% in Cosmetic

Glycolic acid industry grade 

Glycolic Acid 70% in Cosmetic

Glycolic acid, because of the small size of its molecules, can easily penetrate the skin. It helps loosen the bonds that hold skin cells together, allowing dead skin cells to slough off more effectively. The skin feels softer and smoother, and its overall appearance is enhanced.
1.It can remove the dead cells on the skin and can also be used as depilatory.
2.Can used for cosmetic material alpha hydroxy acid production.
3.Moisturizing skin care.
4. Prevent and repair of skin cell damage.
5. Nourish skin, delay skin aging.
6. Good lubricity and smooth the skin.

In recent years, glycolic acid has received considerable attention in the beauty industry.

In dermatology medicine, it has become a common ingredient for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The main reason is that for all people, an old layer of dead skin cells covering the surface of the skin will make the skin appear rough and dull, but glycolic acid can remove this layer of dead skin cells like a dissolving agent. Because the action of glycolic acid on the “epidermis layer” can destroy the cohesive force of the keratinocytes (adhesion), contribute to the aging of the skin keratinocyte metabolism, remove the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum, so that the hair follicles open, prevent obstruction; and then can promote The proliferation of elastic fibers, collagen, and mucopolysaccharides in the “dermis layer” improves the quality of the dermis. This accelerates skin renewal and regeneration, helps the patient to remove the damaged epidermis, stimulates normal alignment of cells and new cells. Grow, so it has an improved effect on sun-damaged skin and acne, excessive oil secretion, shrinking pores, wrinkles, dryness, premature aging, dark spots, age spots, and sunken skin, making the skin whiter , crumpled, soft, shiny, restore the beautiful texture of young and beautiful. At present, many skin care products on the market are added with glycolic acid as a general household skin care product, including face washing, firming, whitening, and sun protection. The use of these products is the same as that of general skin care products. However, the concentration and pH value of glycolic acid determine its efficacy. According to studies, the pH range is 2.5-3, and the effect of glycolic acid is best, but the irritant is also increased. In order to ensure safety, the concentration of glycolic acid in the care products of counters at present is below 5%, and the pH value is above 3, and the effect focuses on slight exfoliation and moisturizing effects.

The higher the concentration of glycolic acid, the more effective, but the chance of side effects (irritations, allergies) is also relatively increased, of course, this is based on the individual’s skin condition, for example, each person’s keratin thickness is not the same, the skin’s Sensitivity and tolerance are also different. In general, high concentrations of glycolic acid are still safe to use by a physician or pharmacy.

The use of a special proportion of glycolic acid mixed with fruit alcohol to reversibly activate glycolic acid can retain the biochemical effects of glycolic acid and reduce irritation through the skin. When activated glycolic acid is absorbed by the membrane of lipophilic epidermal cells, Reuse of double catalysis of ester hydrazine and multiple waters in the epidermis, fully converted to glycolic acid, continue to deep into the dermis layer and activate fibroblasts and dermal basement, and completely change from the stratum corneum, epidermis layer to the dermis layer. skin.