Glycolic acid in medicine

Price of glycolic acid 99% appearance

Glycolic acid in medicine


Glycolic acid in medicine Quick Details

1.Chemcial name: Glycolic acid
2.Standard: medicine grade
3.CAS NO.:79-14-1
4.EINECS: 201-180-5
5.Molecular Fomula: C2H4O3
6Structural formula:GLYCOLIC ACID SKIN PEEL structural formula
7.Molecular Weight: M=76.05
8.Another name: alpha-Hydroxyacetic acid
9.Assay: 99%
10.Application:Cosmetics & Personal Care
12.Loading port: Shanghai, Qingdao
13.Sample: available

Glycolic acid in medicine Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
Purity 70%min
Chloride(Cl) 10ppm max
Sulphate(SO4) 100ppm max
Iron(Fe) 10ppm max
Formaldehyde No detectable
Formic acid No detectable
Color(Gardner) 3 max
Turbidity 4 max


Glycolic acid in medicine Packaging and Shipping

  • Drum ,25kg
  • Ibc drum,1250kg
  • Tank,23-25MT


Glycolic acid in medicine Applications

1. Bactericide: Since glycolic acid contains a special structure of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, it can form a hydrophilic chelate with metal cations through coordination bonds, so it has a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of iron-oxidizing bacteria and can be used as a bactericide. It can also be used as an inhibitor in a variety of ore flotation.
2. Daily-use chemicals: Hydroxyacetic acid is an effective agent for removing dead skin and hair. It can synthesize anti-aging and whitening cosmetic raw materials, which can achieve the effect of moisturizing, moisturizing and promoting skin regeneration. The molecular weight of hydroxyacetic acid is very small, it can effectively penetrate the skin pores, solve skin aging, wrinkles, dark spots, acne and other problems in a short period of time, and therefore it is highly praised by the medical beauty industry.


Glycolic acid in medicine Storage

Stored in the dry and ventilated inside storeroom, prevent direct sunlight, slightly pile and put dow
Delivery as dangerous 8 product