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Glycolic acid technical data sheet Product name: Glycolic acid Molecular formula: C2H4O3 Structural formula: Molecular Weight: 76.05 Risk category: UN 3265 8/PG 3 Product property:Colorless to light yellow liquid Specification: Item Specifications Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid Chloride(Cl) 10ppm max Sulphate(SO4) 100ppm max Iron(Fe) 5ppm max Heavy Metal(Pb) 10ppm max Purity 70%min Production technical […]

How Glycolic acid work in cosmetic Firstly,Glycolic Acid Face Wash Are you looking for the way that can make your skin clearer, more healthy, well toned?Consider using a glycolic acid product like a glycolic acid wash. A glycolic acid wash will have some concentration of glycolic acid and will provide the many benefits that glycolic […]

Glycolic Acid Skin Benefits Glycolic acid is an exfoliator. It safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on your skin, bringing fresh, new skin to the surface. This is beneficial for those who are looking for products that help with anti-aging. Glycolic acid can also help lighten discoloration of the skin, such as […]

What is Glycolic Acid? Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane, though it is now often made synthetically. It falls into the set of ingredients called AHA’s, or alpha hydroxy acids. There are five ingredients that fall into the AHA category whcih are: glycolic (sugar cane), lactic (milk), citric (oranges and lemons), malic […]